Bankruptcy Process

We’re committed to taking a full-service approach to each client’s unique personal and business needs.   From the day you retain us we are prepared to stop those harassing creditor phone calls. even if bankruptcy is not the right solution for you, we can recommend other debt-relief options,  Call us at (727) 410-2705 for a free consultation. Day, evening, and Weekend appointments are available.   You will not be handed off to a junior associate or a paralegal. All of your meetings will be with Carol A. Lawson, who will also personally return your calls and emails.  Bankruptcy is a complicated process and you deserve personal attention.

Our Easy 3-Step Bankruptcy Filing Process:

Step 1 Schedule a FREE initial consultation

During your free phone or zoom consultation, we will go over the intake sheet you have filled out and returned to our office prior to the meeting.  We will spend whatever time is necessary to answer your questions and analyze your case.   You will provide an estimate of the cost of your case based upon your unique circumstances.  We will provide you an intake package by email along with a contract for services following your consultation if you wish to proceed.

Step 2 Collect your paperwork and complete your package

You will then need to start collecting your documents and information. Once you are ready to proceed we will schedule an in-office appointment for you, generally about an hour to retain us and go over your documents and information.  After this appointment we will send out a personal property appraiser to appraise your household belongs and vehicles.   We also will send you a link to fill out to pull your credit report.  You should also take your Credit Counseling Class at this time.

Next we prepare your bankruptcy petition and schedules.  We then email the documents to you to review.

Step 3 Review your petition 

Next we schedule you an in-office visit, generally an hour, to go page by page through your petition and schedules with the attorney and review the documents for accuracy.  You will sign your documents at this visit.   Once the petition and schedules are executed we will electronically file them with the court.

Step 4  341 Creditors Meeting

Once your case is filed we will email you your case number immediately after filing. You should then take your  Debt Management Class.  In a few days we will email you again with the date and time of your creditor’s meeting, and instructions.  Your creditor’s meeting called a 341 after the section of the bankruptcy code, will be within 30 days of the date of your filing.

Carol A. Lawson, Esq., 28870 U.S. Hwy 19 #300, Hodusa Towers, Clearwater, FL 33761

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