US Middle District of Florida – Bankruptcy Court Announcement

Pursuant to guidelines imposed by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, effective immediately, a signed IRS Form W-9 must be on file before the release of funds held by the Court. Accordingly, the Court will routinely deny any Motion for Release of Unclaimed Funds filed without a completed W-9 form for the claimant.  Procedures on the Court’s website were updated to reflect this requirement. A link to IRS form W-9 is available on the Court’s website under the Motions for Release of Unclaimed Funds procedures. You may also locate the current IRS form W-9 by clicking here.

Also as a result of this change, viewing of Motions for Unclaimed Funds in CM/ECF will be restricted to protect the Claimant’s social security information contained on the IRS form W-9.